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i fuck up my posture 8 hours a day trying to create shit and no one cares. i dont care that no one cares but it bothers me, that makes no sense but it does.

took me a years and a half to make this and yall niggas dont give a fuck, you only want shit to consumers.

you're all consumers and sheep. and thats fine because i need people like you so i can save this world.

i dont blame YEAGER from conquering instead of reasoning because he just couldn't bother with trying with your type because your type is stupid.

i spend all my days trying my best to seperate myself from you, because you're all posers, thats why all yall wanna be is models. i get on IG and get reminded EVERY SINGLE TIME that i hate you.

you're all lazy. you're all shit. and i wanna shit on you.

that's my main drive, to shit on you.

fuck you

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