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im at a super low rn bro. idk if im escaping all the shit i have to do or if im just mentally fucking drained but i keep procrastinating and wasting my time fuck. i gotta fix this shit rn or i wont finish the project in time.

it's constantly Gio vs. Gio. i don't even know why i try to hate on and beat other niggas when i haven't even beaten myself yet.

i think & hope that i'll overcome. i'm making small progress, it just never feels like it. i'm sad and nostalgic of a year ago, when things were more simple but i was kinda depressed lol.

now i own a company and have 238392820 projects to finish and a world i wanna save.

i think it's cause i just realized that i've been losing my inner child for a whole year. yeah i'm more creative now but i'm becoming more like Squidward and less like Spongebob, which i don't want. it's prolly because of my environment.

i'm gonna find a fix tho, i promise. imma start focusing more on being better than myself and my idols than other lame asses. just gotta keep being mindful of my bad habits.

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