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bacc from da gutta

ayo, nigga pulled through. niggas was sad, but niggas realized that niggas is just impatient. niggas loving the process now, it's grindtime everyday cuz. 5-10 hours a day, everyday cuz!

this might take 1-20 years, maybe a lifetime and that doesn't matter because what actually matters is the process of getting there. i can't just sit there and be Da Vinci, i gotta fucking grind out to become that. and becoming that is way cooler than being it.

i want niggas to know every moment they spend not working, it's a moment i'm getting fucking better than them. we're crushing the competition. all these niggas finna look up to me, i'm a god in the making, and the process of becoming a god is a thrill.

love you all, i hope the best for you, but you're not passing me.

DOJO SEASON 00 DROP 2 this friday (27th)

SCOUTS in august

and wayyyyyyy more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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