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i've decided

fuck all this shit. if i keep trynna worry about being better than other niggas i will legit lose my mind.

and i don't mean "better" musically, cause that's already the case. i mean "better" in terms of attention/fame. and it's not like those niggas around necessarily famous, they just have clout. there's a big difference.

i don't want clout, clout is temporary and fake. having clout is like being a meme.

anyways, chasing fame/clout will take the fun away from this so at this point, i'm just gonna chase being better than myself. being better than yesterday's GIOVANNI. that's WAAAAY better and it's freeing. most these niggas competing with everybody except themselves, that's a shame.

i wanna just make the music i wanna listen to, make the videos i see in my head and the clothes i wanna wear. fuck pleasing anyone, this is my world, my child, my only moment where i get to be selfish. i started to take that away from myself by over-worrying about my plays or views or likes and stuff.

if one nigga listens to my shit, imma make sure that one nigga gets the best fucking experience ever. if 20 listen, than that's fucking awesome!!! if 2 niggas cop a shirt/hoodie/pants, than oh man, thank you for seeing me as worthy of your money.

fuck these niggas, i love these niggas, but fuck em.

i just wanna be a child again.

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