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Water is shapeless and transparent and fluid. Being water would mean having all those attributes. Shapeless would mean ability to adapt, ability to change and become something different. You throw water in a bottle, it becomes that bottle. You put it in a vase, it becomes the vase. It’s shapeless and become it’s one with its surroundings. Transparent just means being honest to both yourself and everybody else. Lying is destructive and gets you nowhere, 99% of the time. So being transparent would just mean to not hide how you feel, but to express it. Don’t be afraid to fail or to fuck up from your expression, learn from it. Fluid means being able to flow in the process of life. Put any obstacle in the way of water and it’ll effortlessly just flow right around it to the nearest path that can make it go around the obstacle. I think we should apply this to the way we live our life. When obstacles arise we have to quickly and effortlessly surpass them to keep following our path. We have to go with the flow of life instead of wanting to control everything. We should let everything be. We should let the universe be, let everything happen. Stop taking things so personally, just keep flowing. This is a two-word phrase about an element from nature that basically breaks down one of the best ways that humans should live life. We were born with all the answers, nature and the universe has all the answers dude. Fuck. 

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