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i really really like Scouts. i think it’s a very well made project, especially considering the fact that i made it in a month. i think if i spent even more time on it, it would’ve been even more legendary. but now it’s out and done with, it’s time for me to work on ROOME. right now i’m very focused on learning. i figured out how to enjoy university by making a small step-by-step on how i will learn my courses. i don’t really like lectures because it depends too much on the professors and most of the time, they kinda suck at public speaking so they can barely keep my attention for more than 5 minutes. so i basically figured out a way to do the learning on my own at home. i tried it yesterday and it went super great. let’s see if it stays like this the whole year! information is sick tho, i love the feeling of learning something new. i love new ideas, it feels like you add a new possibility to neurological connections in your brain that will help you develop more innovative ideas. i think the most important thing to do if you wanna innovate is to learn ideas from literally ANYTHING that you can, doesn’t have to be your main profession/passion, i think it’s better if it’s completely different topics. i’m getting into film and philosophy and a bit of quantum physics. i think all those things will help me make better art. i’m a student and a servant. ROOME will be some weird crazy shit tho, i can feel it. 

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