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Yesterday was my birthday. It was definitely a weird one. I was pretty normal the entire day, didn't feel the need to treat that day any differently than others.

The thing is, I don't see the point in waiting for one specific day in a year to feel great & special and stuff. Why not feel this way everyday? Why can't everyday feel my birthday? Of course I feel a bit more gratitude because the birthday is kind of a reminder of how long you've been playing this game of life, and it's nice to get reminded because sometimes we don't notice time go by because we're so lost in thought. Well, I'm not lost in thought.

I have a pretty good control of time now. I can speed it up or slow it down at my will. It's pretty hard though. Time is definitely an interesting thing. Because I know that we for sure do not experience time the same way, meaning that it's subjective. Two people can talk to you about experiencing the same event, but they can describe the time as going fast or slow when said event was happening. Sometimes I'm at work and the shift flies right by for me, but then my coworker tells me how long it was for them, even though we had the same shift. It's super weird how that works. I think the rule-of-thumb is: the more bored you are, the slower time goes, and the more fun you have, the faster it goes.

But this doesn't apply to every situation, because sometimes our entire life can fly by and we don't notice because, like I mentioned earlier, we get lost in thought. So lost that we don't get the time to experience or savour anything. And there's also moments when time just doesn't exist at all, a.k.a being in the Almighty Flow State. This is the thing I'm working towards, The fucking Flow State dude. I watched Limitless, which, I think, is about what happens when we take control of ourselves and force ourselves to become disciplined. Both in the body and mind. Maybe it's actually about drugs, but the way I interpreted it is that this is something that we can actually achieve if we try.

My current goal is to be in Flow more often. Because when you're in Flow, time isn't very relevant, because you take in every moment but you still don't notice time go by. So you're so lost in the Now that time becomes both fast and slow...Crazy shit bro.

Wow, this was a long one.

P.S. Stanley Kubrick is a god.

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