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i finally acquired 95% my powers this month.

thanks to Gary and more. i'm so ready to work my fucking ass off and become the absolute best at the shit that i love doing. like i'm so ready to surpass every motherfucker who's ever done this, i just wanna put out as much fucking energy as possible.

no one will really care until you die anyways, and even when you do, if your contribution wasn't much, they'll forget you in like a day. i'm trynna have a Michael Jackson Death Impact. i want it to be 10+ years later and niggas still crying when they talk about me after i die.

life, of course, is constantly throwing shit to test my will, shit that hold me back, negative energy. but now i'm learning how to deal with it.

i'm a giver, a doer. i'm ready to give 100% of me with no expectations for reciprocation. fuck external expectations, only expect shit from yourself. you're not special. no one cares about your problems but yourself. when everything is your fault, it's liberating as fuck. no matter what energy is thrown at me, i will give strong positive energy back, because being negative and complaining is too easy. life has taught me that this month, i'm thankful.

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