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i ain't felt prolonged sadness in a long time. but just know, if i lose this shorty, that's exactly what will happen.

imma be the most hardworking sad nigga in this city lmao. but i would have deserved it, i take blame for everything that happens to me. i'm trying to provide with as much value as i can but i guess it's just not the value that's being looked for. my way of functioning with loved ones isn't the "good" way i guess and it's not being accepted at all, which sucks, it's my fault. but it's cool, it's life. life is still good, i'm still very blessed and grateful i even have a shorty to be worried about, at least she isn't dead or something, that'd be awful bro like i'd die for a nice year.

anyways, my heart beating fast, my anxiety going crazy. this would be a great moment to make something but i won't, i'll just bathe in this feeling and accept it!!!

3 different moods from today's 3 posts, i guess this one counts since it's just now midnight.

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