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we could all get along if we stepped into the other's shoes before judging them every time. i don't anyone ever has genuine evil intent before they do anything, they're always just sure in their head that it's the right thing to do.

people are selfish by nature, so we always consider ourselves before we say or do anything. we don't wanna say sorry because it'll make us look weak. we don't wanna break the Bad Energy Loop because we can't let [insert name here] disrespect us like this.

ego is useful but that shit can be so detrimental to your growth if you let it have control over you. too many of us are controlled by our egos. me too, i fucking suck dude. i say and do dumb things, but i know i must be on the right track because i try to be the first one to apologize or to try to end a Bad Energy Loop. if only we realized that we're all individuals with different backgrounds, childhoods, beliefs, traumas and personalities, we wouldn't freak out so much when we'd disagree with each other because it would something expected since, you know, we're all fucking different people who have different views.


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