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we out here expanding my nigga! we out here giving birth every damn day!

no better feeling than getting shit done. i gotta keep in mind the OBJECTIVE FACT that i'm gonna fucking die one day, and that i should do my best to contribute as much as i can to this fucking universe while i'm still alive, because i have no idea if i'll still be able to do that after my passing.

nigga lose perspective so easily. we try to bring back the past, complain about the present and stress about the future. i'm trynna stop that loop. i wanna enjoy my time alive as much as possible. i'm only fucking 19, a fucking BABY, and i already feel like i've learned so much. it's funny tho cause my 30 year-old self will prolly shit on my current one, but that's fire.

work hard, and when you think you're working hard, work harder. because that's all that really matters, expansion.

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