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i spent this NYE on this same desk i'm always on, building out a plan for the year, rewatching Infinity War. i almost missed the countdown haha i rushed out of my room at "two". this was my favourite New Years Eve, and my favourite year too. this was the first time (off memory) that i didn't do anything crazy for this thing. it gets old to do these same things every year lol, christmas, nye, easter blah blah.

this is my first time crafting an in-depth plan for the year. i have a shitload of things i want to accomplish this year. i don't want to tell anyone about what i have planned at all, because i feel like it ruins the chances of those things happening. but listen, if i get this shit i'm planning out to happen, imma end this year an official legend in the making. 2018 was solely based on learning, that was my goal: to learn. i made a bunch of songs, i launched the website, i started trying to figure out how to sell my clothing, i just started a bunch of shit to see what works and what doesn't.

this year, i'm gonna take what i learn and see what i can actually do with it to start to set my name in this bitch called Universe. this is my first year of actual Output. we got a love of content in the works to be created.

The Dojo Club serves ATARAXY.

this is the first year of the ATARAXY part of Mission-22.

i'm fucking shit up, i promise.

thinking growing rich biatch, forever a student!

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