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writing this so i don't forget.

i've been thinking a lot about the place that we are now as a society (technologically, morally, etc.), and all of that questioning led me to asking a question: How did we come to this?

i've been trying to figure out, assuming that the theory of evolution is true, how us humans have actually gone from complete savages, to creating mind-blowing things like self-driving cars and Artificial Intelligence. this is the question that my subconscious mind had been trying to compute an answer for over the last few days.

well, i just got home recently, and as i was preparing myself to cook some Instant Noodles, all while minimally thinking about the question, i suddenly went immobile right in the middle of the kitchen and yelled out the following:


now, this sentence, when you look at it on the surface level, might just sound like the typical feel-good shit motivational speakers and teachers always say when they're trying to prevent you from procrastinating. however, i don't think this is an idea that people actually try to understand when they do say it.

here is the reason why i yelled this out and why it made so much sense to me, hence making it sound more logical than bullshit brain porn: science. it is now common knowledge, the fact that we are living in this gigantic thing we call the Universe; something so gigantic we can't even interpret its size with our powerful minds. it also agreed upon, the fact that this universe is always expanding. from those two facts, i had built another thesis or idea that basically suggested that this universal expansion is in fact, UNIVERSAL. it's happening in all of the universe, from its physical being to the galaxies within it, to the solar systems, to the planets and to the people within them. 

we belong to this ever-expanding universe, we're part of the expansion too. we came to where we are because all we've been doing is simply expanding. the mind expands, because the mind is the universe. everything within the universe, is the universe!

We are all born with the innate capability to change the world because we are all born with the ability to create. we're all creatives, reproduction is the most solid proof of that. it's a normal human function to be able to create new humans my nigga, that's as much proof as you need to understand that you are capable of creation, in every possible sense of the word, not just reproduction. we've come this far because we are always expanding, and we're born with the drive to contribute to the expansion of the universe.

however, most people resist that drive, but that's a whole other topic.

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