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i keep forgetting that fact that i'm only 19 years old and as smart as i think i am sometimes, i'm still quite quite stupid. i have a lot of knowledge, but i still lack a lot of wisdom.

what i really realized recently is that talking is super fucking easy. like even when you're tired, talking isn't hard at all. "actions speak louder than words" is something that takes years and years of experience to understand.

actions do in fact speak louder than words, because actions is when you put the you've acquired knowledge to the test so you can make a significant difference in your life and/or the life of others.

many of us have a lot of knowledge – especially in this Information Age that we live in – but we have little to no wisdom whatsoever. and knowledge without action is just wasted potential and makes for a pretentious asshole of a person who tries a bit too hard to prove to everyone else that they know so much.

i'm happy i dipped my feet in the water last year, with the small dojo drops and stuff. most did pretty bad, but those failures taught me things i would've never learned if i didn't fail.

i'm more focused than ever. i've realized that there's a process behind building anything worthwhile. a beautiful building won't last long without a strong foundation, that's the main thing i've learned.

so now i'm working on the foundation. my goal this year is to create two collections.

let's see how it goes...

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