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SS1 is coming together pretty well, the mixing is pretty annoying and unforgivingly hard, but it's nothing i can't handle.

i'm realizing how important it is to take care of as many details as you can with your art. craftsmanship is a skill that one must remember to practice until it becomes a habit. you have to sit on it and work on it until you no longer see/hear/find a problem you can fix.

laziness, procrastination and instant-gratification are my biggest enemies right now. it's so hard to get out of your comfortable bed to do some work knowing damn well that the work will be long and ridiculously challenging.

i wanna get rid of instant-gratification; it is the PRIMARY problem that my generation has to fix. i'd say that over 90% of people my age have this problem, and i wanna be in the small group of kids who has enough discipline to make shit happen.

i'm learning confidence, patience and craftsmanship. it's a long ass process.

i wanna make history, not study it.

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