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i know for sure that this will be one of the greatest films i've ever watched.

i've come across the idea of time travel way too many times this week, it's so sketch.

i was trying to do some work and got stuck, and instead of just sitting there frustrated, i decided to watch a film, in search for inspiration i suppose. at first i was gonna rewatch Arrival, which is ALSO A FUCKING MOVIE THAT TALKS ABOUT TIME. but then Donnie Darko flashed into my mind (so sketch) so i decided to watch that.

one of the first films in a long time i decided to pay full attention to and attempt to watch without getting distracted. i got 5-6 missed calls lmaoooo i feel like an asshole but it's okay cause this film is game-changing and funnily enough requires a attention and deep thought.

needless to say, i got my inspiration; maybe SS1 will stop fighting me so damn much smh

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