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i wanna be a effective and consistent as Elon.

i wanna do ten times more than my peers.

i wanna be ten times better than my peers.

i wanna think bigger.

i wanna speak less and listen more.

i have so many cool ideas, so many things i can accomplish this year if i put my mind to it. i just need to develop the discipline and work ethic to do so. if i can't find people who are better than me to surround myself with, then i should find them online and keep them "around" by listening to their ideas/interviews all the time.

i just wanna be filled with the strongest possible energy. i have soooo many things planned, it's so easy to get overwhelmed, but i can fix that if i just sit down and schedule my days and weeks and months properly. this is all that i live for, it's all i wanna do with my life: achieve the impossible, over and over again.

whatever, time to start my day!

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