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i just want kids to send each other my shit through messages.

like i just want these kids to use me therapeutically. i wanna be their source of comfort when everything else in their life is shit. i wanna be that little boost, like a "it's okay bro, you'll be good" kinda thing.

cause everyone has times when they need that, and the best place to get it is from some talented nigga you don't even know.

that's how i cope. i feel they understand more than anyone else, it's so weird. could be all in my head tho.

i think art is the best form of communication because you take time to craft what you're trying to say so that whoever consumes it understands. i think that's why i cope thru making and consuming art, because i end up feeling alienated when i try to communicate. but it's mainly my fault because attempting to make cohesive and logical statements on the spot is hard. but if i sit and think about it in the context of a song for example, it's so therapeutic cause i figure out exactly what i was trying to say the whole time.

i'm 19 y.o and idk shit about anything. i'm a fucking idiot.

i just hope i can get some people to give a fuck, because i give fuck, actually i give way too many fucks.

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