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i'm super happy right now dude.

SS1 is out and it's outperforming Scouts, meaning i've publicly progressed since that project. and people are really liking it too. i didn't expect them to love Deprimo and Hac Nocte the most; i thought Submerso was gonna be the favourite.

also i got a fucking order from someone in Florida which makes me so happy cause that's SOOOO far from here in Ottawa. i'm spreading.

i'm just ready to give him. the thing that i realized that i think will make me successful is that i should be giving a lot more than i am now. this isn't about me, this is about the people, the kids, the next generations. i need to quit the "me, me, me!" mentality and just unconditionally give. it gives me leverage, and it build my brand.

after the L i took last night, trying to get into this Night Lovell release party (when i don't even fucking like or listen to the guy's music), i decided i should really just put my head down and put in the work hours so i can get so fucking good at my crafts that not a single soul can ignore me.

so for now i'll just be giving. living humbly.

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