i'm pretty sure i burned out last week lol. it's the first one i think i've noticed, if i've had others before. i've been extremely overwhelmed and it allowed chaos to enter again. room was a mess for a whole week and i just kept procrastinating every chance i could get. the fact i had so many things to do, i just didn't know where/how to start, so i just wouldn't start at all, it's shit.

i felt everything pretty vividly today and just kinda snapped out of it. it's just about bringing yourself back up when you start to fall down the rabbit-hole. it's a funny thing because i will get overwhelmed, and then i'll procrastinate, and then get soooo fucking bummed out because i'm not getting anything done. i hate not getting anything done, every second matters dude.

there's two Gios fighting in my head at all times: Old Lazy Gio & New Ideal Productive Gio. Old Lazy Gio is a stronger habit, so he wins a lot of the fights. it's all about structuring my days so i build the good habits that'll eliminate the bad ones.

fuck i feel so bad for my gf, she has to deal with a dude like me. idk how she does it, i'm fucking shit bro x(.

just another day. more adversities.

i'll fuck you, April