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it's been over a month since i updated this blog lmao damn. i've been so busy bro, i'm juggling many balls rn so i tend to forget about some smaller stuff.

overall, things have been great. i'm putting out a lot of content from my various disciplines and they're all being received pretty well. the podcast is becoming its own entity, i'm putting out music every month, taking more photos, did my first pop-up (on April 28th, one day after Dojo's first year anniversary), etc.

i really hope things keep going this well and get even better over the summer. i have a good amount of ideas planned. hopefully i'll be performing soon, i'm still working on that.

the biggest challenge right now is keeping the consistency all while not burning out. i have to form healthy habits so i can make sure that both my body and mind can handle everything. shouldn't be too hard.

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