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this is the most influential and important invention of our generation, so of course there is an equally huge and important downside to it.

my issue right now is my Internet Hygiene. i feel a big lack of control over how much time i spend consuming mindless entertainment on the internet. whether it's YouTube, Netflix or 'social' medias, i always catch myself in the middle of a binge only to get disappointed afterwards. and the worst thing is, the shame makes you wanna distract yourself from how shitty that behaviour is, so you continue to watch that video or show and scrolling through your feed.

i don't wanna do what everyone does. i'm not the average consumer (i am), i'm the creator who makes the products for the average consumer. living like the average person is living a dull life, where you die twice because your soul dies while you're still alive.

listening to IGOR distraction-free made me realize just how much feeling i miss from the music i listen when i consume it passively. i caught sounds and information that i wouldn't have caught if i listened to it while doing something else. thank you for that Tyler.

my goal right now is to be more mindful and aware. i'm gonna meditate everyday again and really restrict how much time i spend on my phone, because i think it really numbs you over time and it also desensitizes you to reality, to mundane real-life shit. i wanna enjoy being bored again bro. i wanna listen to more albums and watch more films and create more without distractions.

there's a time for everything. never become a product of the machine, because you created the machine.

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