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oof nigga i don't even know where to start. i'm fuzzy as shit and i need to organize myself to take on all this shit.

i'm still making though, i can't not make, but i wanna make more.

i wanna deal better with confrontation because sometimes there's shit i really shouldn't stress and/or spend time thinking out that i still spend the time doing just that. niggas is walking contradictions, so i can't freak out when they contradict themselves.

words are so easy to say, but actions is where the truth lies. we must let them make claims and waste away on their self-destructive and self-loathing behaviours while we keep climbing.

nobody will clip my wings. no one will stop me from flying. i will not stop for anyone, especially not miserable people who just want you to be miserable with them. this negative shit better stay the fuck away, i'm already stressed the fuck out already lmao.

but overall, shit is good. i'm caring less and less about what a nigga might think about me, whether it's my parents, close friends or partner, which is how it should be.

i'm only 19 lol

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