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long time no blog

performed on August 3rd, first time like a year and a half. it went great, i had fun, but there is sooooo much room for improvement. so here it goes:

FUCK THE CROWD. never worry about what the crowd is doing, you have no control over what they choose to do and how they choose to respond to you, if they're dead then so be it, it shouldn't affect your energy. if they're giving energy then sick, gather it up and send it back to create a feedback loop. but in the end, only thing you can control is how much of yourself you give on stage, so focus on that.

STRETCH AND LET YOUR BODY LOOSE. from watching the video, your body seems to be very tense at times. don't be afraid to let loose and move like a crazy man. don't be afraid to scream on the mic. don't be afraid in general, because it'll lower the quality of the performance. you don't seem to be afraid when you're performing tho, you just get in your head and start to overthink about how you should be performing the songs.

JPEGMAFIA, TYLER, YE & LIVE PUNK SHOWS FOR INSPO. in my opinion, those guys are the best ones we've seen so far in terms of performing. they're not the objective way people should be performing, but their style seems to resonate with you the most, so emulate it. Peggy has the raw energy. Ye has mastered the spectacle part of things and energy too. he truly makes the whole thing an experience, same with Tyler. T is sick because he switches up his songs and makes new versions specifically for live shows, and they work! so watch and take notes from those guys.

PRACTICE. practice a lot, even when you may not have a show anytime soon. it's important to be ready. and performing is an artform by itself, so there's a lot of skill involved. keep on practicing, and keep improving the set lists.


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