i do have a specialization.

currently reading ADAM SMITH’s THE WEALTH OF NATIONS, and he talks about how specialization can be the key to an opulent society.

i agree and disagree.

i thought of myself as a generalist because, well, look at the site, look at my work; i excel at multiple disciplines.

but i recently read THE EFFECTIVE EXECUTIVE and it also had me thinking: maybe what i specialize in is execution.

when i get a good idea (ANY idea), it becomes my god, and i remain in service to it until it is thoroughly executed.

as an executive, your specialty is finding the most effective and efficient way to do whatever you need to do.

effectiveness is focusing on doing the right things at the right times; efficiency is using the least amount of resources to do what you need to do.

let’s think of disciplines (music, graphic design, photography, etc.) as languages.

what i’ve always done—my whole life—is learn whatever language i need to learn to translate my idea in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

when i have more money, i will not be doing any “labour”, i will simply be the brain operating the machine(s).

and knowing enough of each language will allow me to properly communicate with whoever i recruit, simply because i have a foundational understanding of whatever the discipline they are hired for.

what i specialize in is execution; i figure out what needs to be done, i consume as much knowledge needed to operate at the highest level, then i execute.

niggas get cool ideas all the time, but since execution isn’t their specialty, those ideas remain ideas…just potential.

but i know how to act on those things; i know that knowledge is all you really need.

when i kept getting those cool ideas for songs, i found a way to get FL STUDIO (& eventually ABLETON) and i learned how those programs worked so i could execute as best as i could.

i started off trynna hire niggas, but at 15-17 years old, i was broke as shit and couldn’t just keep asking for favours.

so once the beat for the song was done, i had to learn how to write and record lyrics over it; once that was done i had to learn basic mixing and mastering; and then graphic design to do the cover art; photography & videography to do the videos; web design to do the websites; and so on.

not because i wanted to be a musician, graphic designer, photographer, videographer, web designer.


i was just in service to the idea.

that’s my specialty.

that’s when i’m in my zone.

when i’m executing.