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the four main characters getting in the car. as it starts, the radio turns on. they're displeased by what they hear, as usual, and decided to switch it to the aux function. MILO plugs in his aux cord and looks through his phone for beats to freestyle to, as they usually do during the afternoon drives. he finds an old beat...

3:32 PM

the guys tease MILO asking him to spit a sixteen.


after driving for a while, the guys stop by a LITTLE CAESAR'S to buy some pizza. this is where MILO gets invited to SABRINA's party and places a bet with the guys that he will have sex with her despite her already having a "thing" with someone else.


after pizza, ISAIAH gets dropped off to his home where he works on a song he wrote about this girl he likes. he wishes he was as bold as MILO and make a move, but all he can do is dream about her.


some hours later, the guys come back to pick up ISAIAH to go to the party. this pieces scores their drive there and it ends as they're pulling up to the house. imagine this piece ending as they knock on the door and a silhouette approaches from the other side.


in the film, this would be the piece serving as the soundtrack to the party.


as the three other boys head downstairs where the party is happening, MILO stays behind to flirt with SABRINA in an attempt to win his bet. obviously, things go according to plan and they retreat upstairs to SABRINA's room so they can do what they have to do. the song ends with a skit which is just a cut back to ISAIAH downstairs who doesn't really enjoy parties but still attends because of peer pressure.


this is the climax of the story. ISAIAH stays away from most of the action, watching it all from a distance as he enjoys a drink near the 'booze station'. a buff guy approaches and tries to make conversation with him. he ends up talking about his new girl and how he'd "fuck up" anyone who tries anything with her behind his back. at the end of the convo, they share their names before the guy splits and ZAY (ISAIAH's nickname) finds out that the guy is BRYSON, SABRINA's "thing". he only knew him by name from brief conversations with MILO about her but had never seen what he looks like. as BRYSON leaves to go find SABRINA, ZAY rushes to MARCUS (one of the other boys, on the buff side) to tell him everything. they rush upstairs, hearing gunshots as they climb. ISAIAH is freaking out. MARCUS silently marches ahead of the other two and quietly looks through the door, finding MILO laid out on the floor, with SABRINA sobbing hysterically and BRYSON yelling at her and MILO's now dead body. MARCUS quickly enters the room and shoots two rounds at BRYSON, one in the chest and one in the stomach. RILEY is shocked and tells the guys that they should "dip right now". they rush to the car, all three full of adrenaline, not really fully processing what just happened. the car stars and the radio is on aux mode, nobody in shotgun.


this can be listened to with two images in mind.

either you can imagine this as a score for MILO's soul leaving his body, slowly zooming out from the room, the house, the neighbourhood, the city, the country, the planet, into the VOID.


you can imagine this as the score for the silent shock which all the guys are in as they drive away from the scene. particularly ISAIAH since he was the closest to MILO. also zoom out from their perspective, from the car to the road, to the neighbourhood, to the city, the country, the planet, into the VOID.

there, i hate explaining the art shit, but wanted to see if i could still add to the listening experience two years later.

thanks for listening.

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